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My shop name comes from something my mother said to me as a child. Every night when she tucked me into bed, she would say, I love you all the numbers. She meant that she loved me infinity, more than she could put into words. I never fully understood those words until I had my children. The moment they were born, my heart exploded with love and, all of a sudden, I really understood what she had meant! I really did love them all the numbers. It was incredible. Our love attaches us to the infinite.


Kiki Fluhr from All the Numbers with her mom


All the Numbers clothing is for warm sunny days and rainy grey afternoons…for epic adventures and wistful moments of stillness. Inspired by styles, colors, and fabrics of bygone eras, fanciful childhood imaginations, and enchanting books, LYATN is designed to be both playful and practical clothing for girls, ages birth to 12. We are proudly designed and made in the USA (Boston!).

Wait, what about The Measure Designs?

All the Numbers is taking the place of The Measure Designs. I wanted to get back to my roots, the place where all of my creativity started. For me, thats what All the Numbers is about- it’s both a brand and feeling- a place where a mother’s infinite love is realized and captured in sweet, sentimental clothing for girls.


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