My mother tried to teach me how to sew the right way – carefully and thoughtfully, with patterns and precision. But my rebellious heart had its own ideas and thats how All the Numbers was born. When I create new designs, I go back to my own memories of childhood – those brief moments when everything was simple and good.

For me, childhood was about discovering something new everyday. Despite my enthusiasm for tree-climbing, I discovered that, unfortunately, I couldn’t touch those clouds no matter how high I rose. But I love that I thought this was attainable. That’s what is so magical about childhood – that belief in oneself, that belief that all things are possible.


Kiki Fluhr designer of All the Numbers made in Boston USA

I have always been drawn to the vintage pattern lines and styles of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. I adore Victorian reproduction fabrics, tiny florals, pinafores, muted colors, petticoats, and vintage silhouettes like the 1950s cinched waist & full skirts. I gravitate to forms that are adjustable and convertible, like D-rings and extra buttons. And I’m always looking for ways to incorporate things like sashes, bustles, or ruffles in a playful, but practical way. After all, clothing for little girls is meant for playing!

My designs are never premeditated – for me, creativity happens in the moment. I sit on the floor, surrounded by sketches and fabrics. This visual puzzle comes together piece by piece until I am able to bring my ideas to life.

Who wears LYATN clothing? Girls, of course! But really, anyone, anytime, anywhere. Parents often say that the bright colors and spirited designs from All the Numbers pieces add whimsy and charm to family pictures or first birthday portraits. Many photographers, like Bellini Portraits, have also connected with me to use LYATN clothing in their photo shoots or to have on hand for wardrobe consults. For more about working with LYATN, click here!


Vintage color fabric and style inspiration for All the Numbers clothing for girls made in Boston USA

About Kiki Fluhr

I live near Boston, Massachusetts with my husband, three shenanigan-loving children, and multiple plants. I mostly succeed at keeping all those things alive. Except for a few of the plants. Some of the plants. Okay, a lot of the plants. But the kids- they’re good! We survive in a sea of musically-infused chaos. And shenanigans. When I’m not trying to fit all the love I feel for the world into the clothes I’m designing, or wrangling wee ones, I can be found swimming in the ocean, trying to garden, practicing yoga, watching Wes Anderson movies, or trying to sleep. Mostly trying to sleep.


I also…

Love books and poetry and words

so much, in fact, I named my son after Will Shakespeare. That’s also why you’ll find snippets of literature in my designs.

Listen to

Motown, Run the Jewels, LCD Soundsystem, Twin Shadow, Jenny Lewis. On vinyl, if at all possible. The kids love the Hamilton soundtrack like we all should. Have you heard it? If not, go, run, right now! I’m serious! They also love They Might Be Giants, the Beatles, Prince, and old school hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, and Public Enemy. They may or may not like to wear matching Adidas track suits. (Check the IG feed if you want to see the video!)


all mamapreneurs! It’s hard braving a path on your own! #mamapreneursunite #shopsmall #letsdothistogether

Love meeting other mamas

especially other creatives. Lets be friends! We can celebrate our flashes of inspiration, and commiserate about how kids don’t understand that bedtime is awesome.


that musical education is just as important as reading and math. That the ocean is a physical representation of the circle of life and the boundless feelings we have for each other. That wearing your favorite dress can make your day awesome. That being kind is more important than almost anything else. That you’ll never be able to fully express all of your love, but you should keep trying anyway.


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All the Numbers has been featured on Bay State Parent and Earnshaws

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